Helping People, Friends, and Families Improve Their Lifestyle!


Welcome to my web portal where I discuss my experiences being a Lifestyle Marketing Entrepreneur so you can reach your full potential in life!

In a nut shell, I’m truly an entrepreneur at heart although I currently have a full time job in the Information Technology field.  I also own and operate two businesses where I’ve learned a lot about myself, people and life in general over the years.  And it’s my desire to share experiences I deem worth while with you on this site with the hopes that I can push you to reach your potential in life!

The first business I own and operate is a screen printing business named Houston Screen Print which I started in 2005.  It was sort of a hobby that quickly grew and to this day generates a nice yearly income.  It’s actually hard to believe that next year I’ll be celebrating being in business for 10 years because it really doesn’t seem that long ago.  Through the years we’ve printed for several individuals, organizations, groups, businesses, schools, and charities!

The second business is a network marketing business with a product focus on cash back shopping. I was thrilled when I found out I could start receiving cash back for all the online shopping I was already doing. And especially without having to change my normal buying habits.  This company is actually affiliated / connected with over 4,000 major online retailers which makes sharing this opportunity with others so easy.  I mean who doesn’t want to get paid to buy products you know your going to buy anyways.  And the compensation plan for the business side of this opportunity is solid and easy to duplicate.  I actually can’t wait to share some of my personal stories with you on this opportunity on future blog post because this opportunity is so exciting and beneficial!

Lastly, I mentioned Lifestyle Marketing Entrepreneur in the first sentence of this post.  I truly believe that you have to constantly be improving yourself from the inside to reach your full potential.  If you don’t believe in yourself, your abilities, or have the confidence to handle any situation you are missing out in living a lifestyle that rewards you spiritually and financially.  But don’t worry I will be sharing a lot of good Lifestyle information within this site!


JR Gautreaux