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Black Friday Cash Back

Only 4 days left until the biggest shopping day of 2014 is upon us.  Even though I’m a guy I still have a few stores I like to shop at during this once a year event.   But this time I will be sitting on my couch with my laptop using the shopping portal tied to business opportunity I’m involved in.  With an average of 8% cash back from most retailers I should make out pretty good.  And all without having to fight with the crowds!

But the best thing is a lot of retailers offer in store pick up for items purchased online, so I’ll simply be able to walk into my local store and pick up all the items at once.  This is something I’ve really come to enjoy because I don’t have to run all over the store finding what I was going to buy.  Instead some employee of the store does it for me and I reap the benefit!

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JR Gautreaux


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