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Believe in yourself and don’t give up

Today I’m going to share a video with you from Facing the Giants where one of the players is ask to do the Death Crawl.  He thinks he can only go so far, but his coach believes in his abilities and wants him to push himself.  Watch the video below and remember to always believe in yourself, give your best, and don’t give up!  Push on until you absolutely can’t go any further!


Black Friday Cash Back

Only 4 days left until the biggest shopping day of 2014 is upon us.  Even though I’m a guy I still have a few stores I like to shop at during this once a year event.   But this time I will be sitting on my couch with my laptop using the shopping portal tiedContinue Reading

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Nothing in life is plain or vanilla because life itself is so amazing. You have the opportunity right now to change things with your life now that you may have done differently in your past. Yes you have the opportunity to start living a new future right now and forget whatever may have happened inContinue Reading

My site is up

Yes!  I’ve finally found the time to get this site up and running.  So many things going on in my life, but I needed to get this avenue up so I can really share my experiences (good and bad) with friends, people and families that I genuinely want to help reach full potential in life.Continue Reading