I was born and raised in South Texas in an area better know as the “Valley” or “The Rio Grande Valley” in the city of Weslaco.  As soon as I graduated high school I attended the University of Texas Pan American for two years until I decide to move to Houston, Texas and pursue a career in the IT field.  Back then in the early 90’s is was easy to get a job working with computers if you had real world experience.  Now a days you really need to have some technical training or certifications to really stand out.  Like many others of my age group, working with DOS and early Windows offered a solid foundation to build upon.  Over the past two decades I’ve increased my knowledge of Information Technology, stayed up with the trends and been able to make a great living for myself and family.

Despite being good at computers and understanding technology I’m really an entrepreneur at heart.  We live in one of the greatest countries in the world for entrepreneurship where straight up capitalism can turn a poor man into a millionaire with a good product or service along with hard work and determination.  Plus the Internet is making this process so much easier these days for people with little to no experience.  I believe over the next decade you will see the majority of people making a living working from home rather that opting for the traditional 8 to 5 corporate gig.

So I’ve created this site to share my experience in entrepreneurship and personal life development with hopes that the words I may write strike a point within your mind, body or soul.  Join me and discover how becoming the best person you can be is the first step towards being a good entrepreneur and reaching your potential in life!

My Personal Vision Statement

  • I will continually strive to reach my best potential in life so that I can help others achieve their goals and dreams.
  • I will do my best to be a living example of a facilitator for life’s true freedoms spiritually and financially
  • I will encourage friends, people and families to reach their full potential in life.
  • I will seek to bring glory to God who has blessed me and given me an abundant life so far.